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Fine slicer with endholder, boxed


Fine slicer with endholder, boxed


Fine slicer with end-holder, ideal for truffles and mushrooms. Designed from Triangle® in order to create the finest possible slices, depending on a regulator which is attached underneath the knife. Inox, made in Solingen...

Mandoline KAI Michel Bras Mandoline KAI Michel Bras


Mandoline KAI Michel Bras


The  KAI  Michel Bras mandoline magically transforms foodstuff such as vegetables and fruits. Slice thickness is easily adjusted up to a maximum of 10 mm; there are five different blade attachments that produce a variety of cuts from simple slices to various julienne strips, as well as liv..

Slicer, 3-piece Slicer, 3-piece


Slicer, 3-piece


Slicer cutter set, with 3 pieces blades from Τriangle®.Works as a peeler, or small-big chips' cutter. The triangle Slicer with exchangeable blades combines three functions in one and helps to save drawer space. It cuts even slices of 1mm, 2mm and 3.5mm thickness and is perfect for zucchini..

Vegetable slicer 2 mm Vegetable slicer 2 mm


Vegetable slicer 2 mm


The handy and compact vegetable slicer for 2 mm thick slices from Triangle®. Unlike known straight or V-shaped slicing blades, the blade of the vegetable slicer is developed in Solingen, patented and curved to a parabolic shape. The cutting angle changes constantly and mimics the rocking, smoot..

Vegetable slicer with holder Vegetable slicer with holder


Vegetable slicer with holder


The new Triangle® vegetable slicer comes with a unique parabolic blade and 4 cutting modes. The special blade shape mimics the rocking movement and smooth cut of a chef’s knife and achieves an unrivaled cutting performance. With safety holder and two double-sided inserts for 1mm, 3mm and 5mm slices ..

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