Petty knife 15cm KAI Michel BRAS

  • Brands K A I
  • Product Code: BK-0002
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The  KAI  Michel BRAS Petty knife 15 cm, especially designed for preparing fish, is suitable for the most sensitive tasks.
The width of the blade has been reduced so that even delicate tasks can be performed with ease.

Blade wooden guard included.

The knives in the set of Michel BRAS embody the optimum of function and beauty. Each has a distinct blade flexibility and subtle handle form. The assembly procedures are all carefully completed by hand.
They are more than just cutlery. Indeed, these cooking implements are more like precious "jewels" than ordinary kitchen utensils.

Strong and flexible three-layered blade

The blade is produced in three layers: a hard stainless steel of 59±1 HRC sandwiched between two layers of a more flexible stainless steel. A hard stainless core layer of VG10 is sandwiched with soft stainless SUS420J2. This makes for better resistance and durability. Furthermore, a titanium coating has been added to enhance its anti-oxidation properties. The matt satin finish makes for a beautiful and sober appearance.

Oblong-shaped handle spares the hand while cutting

Made of black laminated wood resistant to water and moisture, the handle has a distinct chestnut shape.
The apex of the handle naturally accommodates the fingers and the hand does not tire while cutting. 
The beautiful grain of the wood and its silken feel deliver an unparallel feeling.
The cross section of the handle is in the shape of a chestnut. This ergonomic shape characteristic of traditional Japanese knives is easy to grasp and easy on the (right) hand wielding the knife. 


This is the logo for the  KAI  Group. Michel BRAS series were created from the liaison of one of the most famous chefs and one of the best knife makers in the world.

Plain wood sheath

High-quality hard maple wood fashioned into a simple rectangular shape. A magnet inside the sheath holds the knife snugly in place. 

Item Number (on the metal end)

Each knife is inscribed with a number indicating its category so that the user can identify it at a glance. 

Sharp blades, a light and comfortable feel in the hands and beautiful like jewels: Michel BRAS knives are for all those who love cooking.

Technical Specifications
Brand K A I
Country of origin Japan
Series Michel BRAS
Type Western
Overall length 26.5 cm
Blade length 15 cm
Blade thickness 1.8 mm
Damascus Yes
Number of layers 3
Alloy VG10 with titanium coating
Hardness 59±1 HRC
Finish blade matt satin
Total angle 24°
Sharpening angle 12°
Bevel Double 50/50
Handle material black laminated wood
Dishwasher safe No
Weight 130 gr
Handmade Semi
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Lifetime
Boxed Yes