Nakiri knife 17cm Kasumi Kuro

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The Kasumi Kuro Nakiri Knife 17 cm performs a wide variety of cutting tasks, from fine chopping to dicing and paper-thin slicing. 
Nakiri bōchō (菜切り包丁, translation: knife for cutting greens) is a Japanese-style vegetable knife. It has a straight blade edge suitable for cutting all the way to the cutting board without the need for a horizontal pull or push.The blade is very thin , suitable for chopping vegetables, as a thicker blade could break the vegetable slice.

It is beautifully hand crafted in Japan using traditional methods to ensure that the quality is maintained to a high level. 

The main cutting blade of Kasumi Kuro is made of Molybdenum vanadium steel (AUS8).

The blades are hardened to Rockwell HRC58.

Both sides of the blade have a beautiful damascus pattern with 32 layers of hammered finish, which prevents food from sticking and therefore makes the knife more hygienic.

Traditional Japanese style, with light handle and heavy blade, allowing it a balance that is more suited to professionals with good technique. .

The handle is in an octagon shape which makes it easy to grip,  made from black wood with an epoxy black coating which is water and chemical resistant.


Kasumi knives are produced by Sumikama Hamono Cutlery in Seki, Japan.
Sumikama Cutlery specializes in producing knives from very advanced materials with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. 
Kasumi KURO knives are made of AUS8, a high carbon, low chromium stainless steel that has proven, over time, to be a very good compromise between toughness, strength, edge holding and resistance to corrosion. The layers on both sides of the AUS8 core are made by repeatedly folding together two different types of SUS410 High Carbon Stainless Steel pounded to 3/1000th of an inch and then "clad" on each side of the core, until there's 16 exceedingly thin alternating layers. 

The edge on a Kasumi knife is beveled at a 15° angle creating a very sharp edge.

Features a wooden Epoxy black coating handle, which is water and chemical resistant. 
The other unique feature of the handle is the design. The oval-shaped handle actually has a ridge at the bottom, increasing control and grip.

Made in Seki, Japan with a lifetime warranty.

Technical Specifications
Brand Kasumi
Country of origin Seki, Japan
Series Kuro
Blade length 17 cm
Damascus Yes
Number of layers 33
Hardness 58 HRC
Finish blade Hammered
Total angle 15°
Sharpening angle 7,5°
Bevel Double 50/50
Handle material Wooden Epoxy black coating handle
Dishwasher safe No
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Lifetime
Boxed Yes