Nakiri knife 16.5cm Tojiro-Pro DP Damaskus

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The Nakiri knife 16.5 cm Tojiro-Pro DP Damaskus is the Japanese version for vegetable chopper. 

The Nakiri blade shape is traditional for Japanese vegetable knives and is mostly used for cutting all kinds of vegetables, fish, meat, slicing and dicing.

Opposite to the gyuto, the nakiri isn’t rocked like a chef's knife. Instead, with just a simple effortless push, it cuts with great precision vegetables of all kinds. 

In spite of its hatchet shape, this knife is not suitable for dissecting bones.

Tojiro-Pro Damascus Steel series is a professional-level, western style knife with a blade decorated with 37-layer Damascus linings. The wavy pattern is called Kasumi Nagashi, meaning "flowing mist". 

The central layer of the blade is made of VG-10 steel, an extremely hard core alloy with the addition of cobalt, hardened to a hardness of 60+/-1 HRC Rockwell, developed by Takefu industries.
The core is clad with a softer, 
corrosion-resistant cobalt alloy steel 420J type.

This traditional technique of obtaining layered steel is one of the most valuable treasures of Japanese craftsmen, as it increases the concentration of atoms in the core of the knife, and thus - extends the durability of the blade.

The Tojiro Pro-DP Damascus series knives are beautifully finished and easy to maintain, and their riveted Micarta laminate handles are environmentally friendly and extremely durable.
Three rivets offer additional security to the knife. 

Tojiro-Pro DP Damaskus knives are full tang and have a bolster (Tsuba) which adds extra equivalence and weight.

Use and Care

  • Use a sharpening stone to sharpen your knife
  • Hand wash in warm water and towel dry
  • Do not cut any frozen foods

Technical Specifications
Brand TOJIRO Co., ltd
Country of origin Japan
Series DP Damaskus
Type Western
Overall length 29.6 cm
Blade length 16.4 cm
Blade width 4.5 cm
Blade thickness 1.7 mm
Damascus Yes
Number of layers 37
Alloy VG-10 steel core
Hardness 60+/-1 HRC
Finish blade Damaskus satin
Total angle 24°
Sharpening angle 12°
Bevel Double edge 50/50 symmetrical
Handle length 10,4 cm
Handle material Black Mikarta
Dishwasher safe No
Weight 195 gr
Handmade No
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Lifetime
Boxed Yes