Usuba knife 16.5cm KAI Seki Magoroku Redwood

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The Usuba knife 16.5 cm KAI Seki Magoroku Redwood is a Japanese kitchen knife, similar to nakiri, with a straight blade edge suitable for cutting all the way to the cutting board without the need for a horizontal pull or push. The ubusa knife is used for ultra-thin slices that require a delicate touch when cutting vegetables.

Usuba bōchō (薄刃包丁, lit. thin knife) is the traditional vegetable knife for the professional Japanese chef. Like other Japanese professional knives, usuba are chisel ground and have a bevel on the front side. Usuba characteristically have a flat edge, with little or no curve and are tall, in order to allow knuckle clearance when chopping on a cutting board. The thin blade is required for cutting through firm vegetables without cracking them. 

The Usuba bōchō is used by professionals and differs from the related Nakiri bōchō, which is preferred for home use. While the nakiri bōchō's cutting blade is sharpened from both sides, the usuba bōchō's blade is sharpened only from one side, a style known as kataba in Japanese. This kataba style edge gives better cuts and allows for the cutting of thinner slices than the ryōba used for nakiri bōchō, but requires more skill to use. The usuba bōchō is heavier than a nakiri bōchō, although still much lighter than a deba bōchō.

The Seki Magoroku Redwood captivates by its mirror-finished blade and the exquisitely polished edge that gives the series a high cutting performance. 

These Japanese designed knives feature an AUS8 vanadium - molybdenium stainless steel polished blade with a hardness of 58±1 HRC that lend your kitchen the unmistakable Far Eastern flair. 

The traditional chestnut-shaped handle is made from Redwood. This hardwood naturally has high oil content and is therefore water-resistant. The polished polypropylene bracket adds harmony to the wood’s modern colour. 

Because of the Japanese design, these knives don’t have a bolster so the whole edge can be used and the entire length can be sharpened.
The series features traditional Japanese single-bevel blade shapes as well as a selection of double-bevel Western-style blade shapes. Single-beveled blades excel when extremely precise cuts are needed—for example, when preparing sushi. 
Double-beveled blades offer ease of use and versatility. 
The slightly curved, traditional chestnut-shaped handle makes every knife of the line a right hand knife. 

Made in Japan with the latest technology of the cutlery industry.

Offered in a gift box.

Technical Specifications
Brand K A I
Country of origin Japan
Series Seki Magoroku Redwood
Type Japanese
Overall length 31 cm
Blade length 17 cm
Blade width 4.2 cm
Blade thickness 2.8 mm
Damascus No
Alloy AUS8
Hardness 59 HRC
Finish blade Satin
Total angle 22°
Sharpening angle 22°
Bevel Single right handed
Handle length 14 cm
Handle material Redwood
Dishwasher safe No
Weight 177 gr
Handmade No
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Lifetime