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Inspiring Orange & 3 new recipes

Inspiring Orange & 3 new recipes

The orange season of bright colour and incredible citrus smell in the air is finishing soon. Yet we still have time for the orange fest! Orange is a very inspiring fruit in cooking. There are so many delicious recipes with oranges. It is perfect for everything – salads, sweet pastries or cakes, or even a refreshing cocktail. Try something new and cook one of these new recipes. 

Salad with fresh carrots and oranges

This is a simple but brilliant idea. Two main ingredients, carrot and orange, surprisingly match each other. A mix of herbs elevate the taste of these simple products and create an incredible taste of this salad. 

Ingredients to use:

How to make:

Orange cake

What can be better than soft, sweet, moist orange cake! It is so easy to bake with no kitchen nightmare.

Ingredients to use:

How to bake:

Serve this delicious cake with tea or coffee. You also can use decozesterto bring some wow effect and surprise your guests with decoration.

Orange cocktail Colombo

Save this idea for your next party and surprise your guests with a fancy citrus cocktail. 

You need a highball glass and 5 ingredients:

How to make

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shakerwith ice and shake well for 15 seconds. Put ice into your highball and pour a cocktail above the ice. Decorate it with a couple of slices of orange and serve. Enjoy your Colombo cocktail!


The recipes with oranges are quite simple but very creative and enjoyable. Orange is a true source of inspiration for those who like to bring experiments to their kitchen and try something new.

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