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Five Recipes to Help You Cook the Perfect Eggs Every Time

Five Recipes to Help You Cook the Perfect Eggs Every Time

Eggs. Probably egg is the most common product that we all have in the fridge. An egg is a savior. If you want a fast but nutritious breakfast or a quick protein snack, or if you are planning to arrange a fancy Sunday brunch egg dish is always the first choice. These 5 egg recipes will help you to cook eggs perfectly every time. Make sure to include them in your next brunch!

Sunny Side Up 

Sunny Side Up eggs are a staple of breakfasts for a reason. They’re easy to make, delicious and ready to eat in minutes!

For the perfect Sunny Side Up eggs, you’ll need: 




Scrambled eggs are endlessly versatile. They can be served alongside salmon, toast, avocado or simply on their own. It’s all about timing with scrambled eggs, but with this recipe, you’ll get delicious, scrambled eggs every time. 


For the perfect scrambled eggs, you’ll need: 





For the perfect poached eggs, you’ll need: 




A rich, filling dish that’s ideal for any meal of the day, an omelette is easy to make and you’ll nail it with our recipe below. 

For the perfect omelette, you’ll need: 




Shakshuka is a simple one-pan dish that’s aromatic and full of flavour, once you taste it, it’s sure to become a favourite at home!

For the perfect Shakshuka, you’ll need: 



And there you have it! Five simple recipes for sensation eggs! Be it a simple classic like scrambled eggs or something a little more adventurous like shakshuka, these recipes will guarantee a delicious and flavourful breakfast or brunch every time.

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