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10 must-have kitchen gadgets

10 must-have kitchen gadgets

The word «eating out» in the year 2020 almost disappeared from our vocabulary. While some people had to tu back to their kitchens with no option to go to a café nearby and enjoy ready food, for others home cooking became an option to tu to a saving budget mode. Some would say, desperate times, desperate measures ) We, though support the idea that a problem also creates an opportunity.

Many people immersed themselves in the world of culinary shows to lea how to cook like Gordon Ramsay. Many people got the chance to appreciate how beneficial homemade food is. Healthy, delicious, fresh, yammm.. Oh, this amazing smell of freshly baked pastry filling home with warmth and happiness and the thought that everything is going to be better. And sometimes it's an exciting activity for the whole family to cook together and enjoy a fresh meal. Many discovered their talents for cooking and found a new hobby. Don't be surprised by a number of new food bloggers on Instagram) More ideas for you to cook.

The cooking of delicious and healthy food doesn't have to be complicated and time-taking. It has become amazingly easy with a variety of kitchen gadgets. Now everyone can save time and cook like a PRO. Here is our list of 10 must-have kitchen tools.

Peeler for vegetables and fruits

If you still haven't got a vegetable peeler in your kitchen you must buy it right now. The best choice is stainless steel peeler that you will use for years. It is quite easy to use a peeler for any kind of fruit or vegetables. But safety first! You do not need to worry about sharp blades, peelers are designed to prevent any injury. It's also easy to wash the peeler with tap water or just put it in your dishwasher machine.

Japanese knives

Even if you are not going to practice sushi-making you must have a set of Japanese knives. It is more than just a tool, it is a real investment. The whole cooking process will be super-fast and easy. 

Kitchen scales

Kitchen scales are a must-have for anyone passionate about baking. Scales are so precise that you can easily measure any kind of spices, vanilla, or cinnamon powder. A great gadget for any kitchen.

Can opener

Probably you remember how many times you were planning to buy a can opener exactly at the moment when you are holding a can in your hands while the rest ingredients of the dish are ready and mixed. Yeah, this is tragic. Don't let it happen again. Get the can opener (which by the way is the bottle opener as well), store it in your kitchen drawer, and don't get stressed about it again. 

Pastry wheel or pizza cutter

A pastry wheel or pizza cutter is a great gadget to use. Perfect for pasta making, sweet pastry pies. A pizza cutter is a great tool to cut pizza of any size into perfect slices. Did you notice that a fresh-from-the-oven pizza gets even more delicious when it is cut with a proper pizza knife?

Adjustable V-Blade Slicer

This slicer offers you different cutting options and a variety of ideas of what to cook. You can select a thickness of a slice. From a paper-thin cut to cook homemade chips to 2 mm thick slices for ratatouille. It is amazingly simple to use – just hold and slice. V-Blade Slicer is perfect for cutting fruits, vegetables, and certain kinds of cheese.

Microplane Grater

Microplane Grater is the best way to add shredded Parmesan to your pasta or perfectly grate orange zest to your pie. No mincing, no cuts. The process and the result are both so easy and satisfying. And delicious! 

Egg Whisk

Another great kitchen tool is an egg whisk. A good whisk is always a good help in cooking or baking. The process of making fluffy omelettes or pancakes will be super-fast and easy.

Garlic Press

This is a must-have kitchen tool for garlic lovers. Garlic bread, Tzatziki sauce, or a bowl of warm Chinese noodles. There are so many delicious recipes where garlic is a star and must-have ingredient. Simplify cooking them with a garlic press.

Sharpening Rod

A sharpening rod is another simple tool to keep your knives always ready for cooking. Simple to use and clean.

Cooking at home does not necessarily have to be difficult and tedious. There are lots of kitchen gadgets that will help you prepare food quickly and easily. Give them a try! Share your feedback in the comments or in our Instagram profile.


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