Vegetable slicer 2 mm

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The handy and compact vegetable slicer for 2 mm thick slices from Triangle®. Unlike known straight or V-shaped slicing blades, the blade of the vegetable slicer is developed in Solingen, patented and curved to a parabolic shape. The cutting angle changes constantly and mimics the rocking, smooth cut of a chef’s knife. The result is a previously unknown cutting performance and a blade that holds its extreme sharpness for a long time.

A safety holder with integrated blade guard ensures safe working and allows processing to the last slice. Used as a blade guard, it permanently rrotects the extreme sharpness of the professionally hardened blade and protects against accidental injury.

Triangle® is committed to sustainable production and is increasingly using alternative materials whenever possible. For the sake of the environment, the slicer therefore consists of a high quality and food safe PA plastic with 30% straw fiber content.

A larger version of the plane with adjustable cutting thickness is also available.

Handle: ABS, PP
Blade Material : stainless steel DIN 1.4028, hardened 
Dishwasher safe. 
Inox, made in Solingen.

Design: Ralph Krämer


Technical Specifications
Country of origin Solingen, Germany
Dimensions 24.5 x 8.9 x 4 cm
Alloy knife : hardened stainless steel DIN 1.4028, ABS; blade cover: PP
Dishwasher safe Yes
Handmade No
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Yes
Boxed Yes