Sharpening stone ≠3000 KAI

  • Brands K A I
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High grits 3000 whetstone.

The  KAI  Shun ≠3000 Whetstone is a single-sided, ceramic compound, Japanese waterstone, ideal for sharpening Japanese knives, Damascus knives or other high hardness knives.
Equipped with a plastic casing also has a gutter and a water reservoir, for moistening the whetstone during the grinding process.

Functioning at ≠3000-grit, the sharpening stone will smooth the edge of an already sharpened knife.

Using Instructions:

1. Soak the stone in the water for 5 to 10 minutes, and then put it on the steady platform. 

2: 3000 grit is for the finer grinding, a necessary step to eliminate burrs of the edge.

Use gentle pressure and repair the edge smoothly and keenly.

3.Wipe it with wet cloth or rinse it with water after sharpening the tool, and then dry it. Clean the stone surface with a soft brush and put it in the air to make it dry.

Generally speaking, use it once a month to keep your blade sharp.

Technical Specifications
Brand K A I
Country of origin Japan
Dimensions 252 x 94 x 50 mm
Grain 3000
Sides Single