Sharpening rod 24cm IOXIO round

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The IOXIO 24 cm round ceramic coarse honing rod is used to restore the shape of a chef’s knife. 
With its coarse ceramic surface, covered with aluminium ceramic oxide powder of #800 grits, it sharpens easily blunt knives that haven’t been sharpened in quite some time. 

Every IOXIO rod is light, stable and safe at use.

With its 24 cm length, it is suitable for kitchen knives not bigger than 20cm. It ensures that you don’t have to sharpen your knife for a long time with minimal results.

It is rust-free, hygienic as ceramic rod and handle cannot harbour bacteria and it is easy to clean – use a damp cloth to remove steel particles from the rod.

Black handle.

The rod should be used daily or weekly, depending on how much you use your knives.

Ceramic is considered to be the best material for sharpening rods, as it realigns the bevel without destroying it and most important, it doesn't wear off. Hardness of ceramic lies between the classic stainless steel and the diamond rod.

All IOXIO rods are 100% ceramic. At the moment, IOXIO is considered as the biggest manufacturer of ceramic rods worldwide, with an amazing variety of sharpening and honing rods of different shapes and sizes.

Just start using it and you will be surprised by the results!!

Technical Specifications
Country of origin Germany
Dimensions 24 cm
Grain #800
Handle material Polypropylene (PP)
Dishwasher safe No
Weight 0,17 Kg
Handmade No
Boxed Yes