Santoku knife 18cm Zanmai Revolution

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Mcusta Zanmai Revolution SG2 Santoku

The Santoku knife is among the most used knives in Japanese cuisine. It can perform very well any cutting operation, whether it is aimed at slicing, crumbling or simply cutting, meat, vegetables and fish.

With a blade length of 18 cm and a decagonal handle, the Revolution SG2 Santoku is a piece of art in the kitchen.

ザンマイ レボリューション 

MCUSTA ZANMAI's Revolution line consists of the finest knives globally. The combination of aesthetic appearance and quality is second to none.

Damascus blade is composed of 3 layers with SG2 high end alloy core, hardened to 61±1 HRC

SG2 alloy's fine structure and good distribution of the elements makes it possible to add more alloy elements than in ordinary stainless steel. 
Super fine (nano) powder of steel elements are compressed, heated and formed into ingots. This is a totally different alloy production process from the ordinary “melting process”. This special process enables a powered steel to contain much more key elements for better quality than melting-processed steel. 
SG2 actually contains 30% more of Carbon than VG-10 which decides steel hardness, 230% more of Molybdenum which contributes to anti-corrosion, and 570% more of Vanadium which contributes to sharpness durability. That increases the hardness and cutting characteristics. 
Just like VG10 steel, SG2 (a.k.a.SGPS or R2) steel is almost always used laminated. The damask steel used is always slightly harder than for VG10 knives, which benefits the scratch resistance.

Like in every Mcusta Zanmai knife, the edge which can reach , is finished in Zanmai's perfect Hamaguri V-Cut form, making it incredibly sharp and the ideal structure to cut food effortlessly. 

Beautiful decagonal handle is made from laminated black Pakka wood. The shape of the handle cannot be found in any other knife on the market, it is lightweight, with a comfortable grip and an ergonomic design. The weight balance is perfect.
The pakkawood handle is accented with a red spacer and a traditional Japanese decorative pin.

Knives from this series come packed in wooden gift box.

Technical Specifications
Brand Mcusta Zanmai
Country of origin Seki, Japan
Overall length 34 cm
Blade length 18 cm
Blade width 45mm
Blade thickness 1,9mm
Damascus Yes
Number of layers 3
Alloy SG2
Hardness 61±1 HRC
Total angle 24°
Sharpening angle 12°
Bevel Double 50/50 convex, hamaguri form
Handle material Black Pakka Wood
Dishwasher safe No
Weight 166g
Handmade Semi
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Lifetime
Boxed Luxurius woden box