Potato spiral small

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The Τriangle potato spiral is a fune, easy-to-use tool that turns plain old potatoes, carots, beetroot and other firm veges and fruits into cute spirals.
It's fun and easy to use - try making your own curly oven fries, spiral salads or fruit platters. We think this could be a sneaky way to get kids interested in vegetables, too.

How to use: Cut the raw vegetable to the desired length, max. 4 inch. Cut both ends. Drill the spiral clockwise into the vegetable until the cutting loop has completely left the other end. Take care not to prick yourself when the stick breaks through.
To remove the spiral form the vegetable either cut the outer shell or drill the spiral out by sliding it to the upper end of the stick and turning the outer shell counter-clockwise while holding the inner spiral with a pin or the tip of a small knife.