Knifesharpener inox Vulkanus pro

  • Brands Vulkanus
  • Product Code: MS2002VA
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The Vulcanus pro is a manual knife sharpener whose main advantage is speed.

It can put a new edge on your knife in seconds.

It works with 2 specially shaped carbidesticks that literally cut into the metal of your knife to create a brand new edge.

Thanks to the special spring action the carbidesticks follow the cutting edge closely without damaging the bladesurface.

N.B.: This pull-through knife sharpener is very simple to use, however, it does remove a relatively large amount of metal from your blade. We recommend you use Japanese water stones , for example, when sharpening expensive (kitchen) knives. These water stones produce much better results and they also prolong the life of your knives. 

Specific characteristics:

Sharpening and Honing of the blade all in one.

Razor sharp edges on fine and serrated blades.

Easy to use (Anyone can do it !)

Does not damage the blade surface - safe for all knife blades.

Adapts to the angle of the blade.

No heat build-up in you blades that can damage the temper.

Dishwasher safe.

Suitable for commercial kitchens and the food processing industry.

Stainless steel design.

Technical Specifications
Country of origin Austria
Dimensions 11 x 15.7 x 8,7 cm l x h x w
Hardness 96 HRC
Dishwasher safe Yes
Weight 810 gr
Boxed Yes