Julienne Cutter Set, 4 pcs. KAI Michel Bras

  • Brands K A I
  • Product Code: BK-0204
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The  KAI  Michel Bras Julienne Cutter comes with four distinctive spare blades that can deal with a wide range of tasks.
It allows cutting julienne strips as thin as spaghetti, normal size julienne strips or even slices of different sizes. 
The cutter is suitable for use with all firm vegetable types such as courgettes, carrots, aubergines, giant white radish, potatoes and many others.
All metal components are made of stainless steel.
The blades themselves are made of extra-hard special steel and
 can be set in one easy movement.
The Julienne Cutter is placed in an elegant box.

Technical Specifications
Brand K A I
Country of origin Japan
Series Michel Bras
Overall length 17 cm
Alloy stainless steel
Handle length 10 cm
Dishwasher safe yes, but we strongly advise against it
Weight 90 gr
Handmade No
Boxed Yes