Gyuto 25cm Global SAI

  • Brands GLOBAL
  • Product Code: SAI-06
  • Availability: 2-3 Days

The SAI-06 Gyuto 25cm Global SAI is a big, heavy duty, multipurpose knife, ideal for all kinds of veggie cutting. 

On the other hand, its long narrow blade makes it suitable for carving even slices of your favourite joint. 

It is quite a substantial knife with a lot of presence and is best suited towards larger cuts of meat, or vegetables of all kind and size. 


Internationally acclaimed for their precise and seamless construction, Global SAI knives are lauded for their sleek design and distinct aesthetic. SAI is considered as Global’s premium knife range with superior cutting performance and edge retention. Designed by renowned industrial designer Komin Yamada, Global SAI pays homage to the Samurai tradition of sword making. 

Ice-hardened Cromova 18 steel constitutes the 58 Rockwell core of the knife which is clad with a layer of SUS410 softer steel and then hammered for a beautiful nonstick finish.

The blades themselves are sharpened to a 12.5° edge, which has been mirror-polished by hand for extra-long lasting sharpness. The beautiful hammered finish applied to the patented CROMOVA 18 is not just for looks, it produces air pockets which help release food while cutting, giving the blade non-stick properties.
Unique convex edge of the blade makes cuts smoother, requiring less energy.

The slightly longer curved ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip and features 7 signature black dots which represent the 7 noble virtues of the Samurai’s code of honour; Integrity, Courage, Compassion, Respect, Honesty, Honour and Loyalty. 

As with all Global Knives it is hollow and weighted; the handle has an ergonomic thumb rest for a smooth, efficient cutting motion and comfortable grip. 

Designed by Komin Yamada

Made in Niigata, Japan

Technical Specifications
Brand Global
Country of origin Niigata, Japan
Overall length 40,5 cm
Blade length 252mm
Blade width 5 cm
Blade thickness 3.2 mm
Damascus yes
Alloy Cromova 18 stainless steel core / SUS410 layers
Hardness 58 HRC
Finish blade Hammered
Total angle 25°
Sharpening angle 12.5°
Bevel Double 50/50
Handle length 13.7 cm
Handle material Hollow handle made of stainless steel filled with sand
Dishwasher safe No
Weight 325 gr
Handmade No
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Yes
Boxed Yes