Grater julienne with catcher

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The triangle® julienne grater with innovative catcher ensures mess-free grating. The catcher behind the grating surface picks up the shavings and redirects them to where they are needed. Be it directly on the dish or in a bowl. The julienne grater cuts matchstick-sized strips that are ideal for salads and sweet and savory fillings, like carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, squash, radish, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes and much more. Works with any size of fruits and vegetables. When required, the 2-in-1 catcher is simply clipped under the grater. Turned over and covering the grating surface, the catcher acts as effective blade protection. It protects against injuries and ensures permanently sharp cutting edges. The grater is of high quality and extremely sharp. A practical base with non-slip nubs and a support notch ensure a secure hold on bowls. triangle® graters are available in 5 variants, stainless and dishwasher safe. An end holder that fits the whole series is available separately.


Stainless steel, made in Solingen, Germany.
Dishwasher safe.