Endless spiral cutter, boxed

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Cuts endlessly long vegetable garlands easily and accurately.
Easy as pencil-sharpening. With finger guard. Minimal loss.
Hardened special steel blades made in Solingen.
The Endless spiral cutter from Triangle® is suitable for firm vegetables up to 7cm diameter.
For precisely cut vegetable garlands of 6 cm width.
To achieve best results set the cutter on its foot and position it with one hand. Use the other hand to stick fruit and vegetable into the cone. Start rotating.
Thin vegetable as carrots or parsnip can be fastened with the silicone holder included in the delivery.
Hard plastics and silicone, 10 x 8,5 x 9 cm high, cone Ø 7,5 cm, 6 cm long, stainless steel blade, dishwasher safe.

Technical Specifications
Country of origin Solingen, Germany
Dimensions 10 x 8,5 x 9 cm, cone Ø 7,5 cm
Alloy compressed stainless steel 18/10 knife
Handle material Hard plastics and silicone
Dishwasher safe Yes
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Yes
Boxed Yes