Chef knife case 16 pieces Global

  • Brands GLOBAL
  • Product Code: G-667/16
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Roomy, sturdy and practical, G-667 Global bag can hold up to 16 knives, a number that makes it precious for nomad work or for work that involves complex preparations.
The housings present are made in such a way as to ensure the permanence of the knife in its seat and to protect it from impacts.
The thick nylon in which the bag is made, the panel with zip closure that separates the internal compartments and the additional hook and loop fasteners on the outside of the bag testify once more to the solidity of this case, while the sturdy handle on the back guarantees a very easy transport.
It can easily be cleaned with mild soap and water.
The case features the Global logo and white stitching as an attractive contrast.

Technical Specifications
Brand Global
Cook case dimentions (open) 45 x 40 cm
Cook case material Rubber, with Velcro Closure type
Country of origin Japan
Weight 365 g (empty)
Warranty on materials and manufacturing defects Yes