Sharpening stones are available in a wide variety of levels of abrasiveness, which are directly linked to the size of the grit particles (number of grits per cubic centimeter).


120-400 grit - grinding

These grits sizes are suitable for rough sharpening, repairing and to grind off chips when the edge of a knife or tool is damaged or unusually dull.

500-1200 grit - sharpening

Sharpening stones with a grit size between 500 and 1200 are typically used for "normal" sharpening. Stones of this grit size are used to to take a knife or tool that has been repaired towards a sharp cutting edge.

2000-6000 grit - honing

These stones have very fine grits and though they sharpen slowly, they will produce a very keen edge. They are chiefly used to remove scratches and burrs left by coarser stones and to hone blades to a very sharp edge.

8000-10000+ grit - finishing

These ultra-fine grit sharpening stones are used to finish a blade's edge to razor sharpness and a mirror polish. In practice, 6000 grit stones should be fine enough for most finishing applications.

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Sharpening stone 400/1000 KAI


Sharpening stone 400/1000 KAI


Low grits 400/1000 combination whetstone.The KAI Shun Combination Whetstone is a double-sided, green carbide, Japanese waterstone, ideal for sharpening Japanese knives, Damascus knives or other high hardness knives.Equipped with a plastic casing also has a gutter and a water reservoir, for moistening the whetstone during the grinding process. One side offers 400-grit sharpening that will quickly remove material from the edge, helping reveal the sharpness once more. The other side, at 1000-grit, ..

Sharpening stone ≠1000 TOJIRO


Sharpening stone ≠1000 TOJIRO


Medium grits ≠1000 whetstone, made from Alumina ceramics.The TOJIRO sharpening stone refreshes the edge of the knife in order to be prepared for finer grinding. The ≠1000 grit sharpening stone is the most common whetstone to use, as it can transform a dull edge into a very effective one. It leaves an exceptional cutting wire, even to the hardest steels (VG10, SGPS, forged steels, R-2)Ideal for sharpening Japanese knives, Damascus knives or other high hardness knive..

Sharpening stone ≠5000/10000 KASUMI


Sharpening stone ≠5000/10000 KASUMI


Professional whetstone knife sharpener by KasumiThe combined Kasumi Whetstone high grits 5000/10000 grits, keeps the cutting edge of any knife ultra sharp and clean, with an improved level of sharpness.Ideal for sharpening and maintaining Japanese knives, damascus knives or other high hardness knives. Certified by the KASUMI quality condition.Made in Japan.TipsPlace the smaller grits whetstone on the non-slip rubber holder then position your knife at an angle to start sharpening the dull blade. ..

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